HTML5 Game Introduction

Crash'N'Tell is a Simon-like follow-the-pattern game based on the sound of things falling from a shelf and crashing to the floor. Crash'N'Tell was developed in html5 with mobile platforms in mind and following the Model-View-Controller design paradigm. This was our first experiment in html5.(Built in Fall 2012)

Play the game (You could play in using browser or the mobile device)

Cocos2d Game Introduction

PIGS IN (your) FACE is a combat system for abusing puppet-type pigs and frogs. Come on, admit it! You've wanted to punch out that abrasive piggy and the whiney frog since you were a small child, haven't you? Yep, so have we! Now our dream has become reality. Targeting the iPad/iPhone platform, Pigs in (your) face! makes use of IOS gesture recognizer in a two-handed combat style with combos.(Built in Fall 2012)

Design Concept

Screen Shots

The screen shots include the main menu scene and the game play scene. Know more, please see the video.

game play main menu main menu

Video Demo

Team Members

Code Explanation

1. High score: We use the API called NSUserDefaults to store the user data and then show top three data in the high score menu.

2. Animation: We use the spritesheet animation to handle our animation in the game

3. Control: We use joystick plus Dpad and multitouch to control the game.

Download Complete Code